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Anchorage Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Statistics

The Anchorage Police Department provides daily, weekly and monthly crime reports. It also records citywide crime statistics for Type 1 offenses and other crimes. Data released in 2017 show that the city recorded 19,605 incidents, including 3,564 cases of violent crime and 16,041 incidences of property crime. A further breakdown reveals that larceny-theft made up 54.5% of reported crimes, while auto theft, burglaries, and assault accounted for 15.8%, 12%, and 11.3%. The city averaged 18.13 daily crimes per 100,000 people, making it safer than 2% of the cities in the U.S. Overall, Anchorage's crime rate was 140% higher than the national average and 45% than the state's average.

Police Reports and Arrest Records

The Anchorage Police Department (APD) provides access to different public records, including police reports, 911 calls, photos, and audio-video records.

Who Can Request a Report

In compliance with state laws, access to police reports is restricted to only authorized applicants. Requests can be made by witnesses or victims of a crime, insurance carriers, or legal representatives of victims. Requests for juvenile information will require the permission of the presiding judge of the juvenile court.

How to Obtain a Police Report

Residents of Anchorage may request a police report by completing a citizen records request form. Requesters must provide the APD case number, date and time of the incident, location of the incident, and the name of the parties involved. Requests can be submitted in person or mailed to:

APD Records,
4501 Elmore Road,
Anchorage, AK 99507

The department charges $6.00 for the first five pages and $0.30 for each additional page.

How to Obtain Sex Offender Information

The Alaska Department of Public Safety maintains a searchable public central registry that contains information on individuals convicted of sexual offenses as well as child kidnappers in the state. Searches can be done by name, zip code or address. Requesters can also conduct searches by map to reveal the location of offenders living close to schools or within a specific region.

Court Records

Who Can Access Court Records

A large percentage of the court records in Anchorage are available for public inspection. Request for case files can be made by submitting an application via mail or in person to the clerk of court or the records department where the case is filed. However, access to some records, such as cases involving juvenile or adoption matters, may be restricted.

How to Obtain Court Records

The Alaska Court System serves as the unified judicial system for the state. It has four court levels, namely the court of appeals, the supreme court, the district court, and superior courts. Information on cases heard at the supreme court and the court of appeals can be obtained via the Alaska appellate courts case management system. Members of the public can conduct searches by case number, attorney, trial court case number, or party name. The Alaska Trial Court oversees the superior and district courts. Interested parties can also obtain information on trial court cases using its courtview public access platform. It allows for searches by case number, name or citation number.

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Vital Records

Residents of Anchorage can obtain vital records at the state level. This includes birth certificates, death certificates, and records of domestic partnership or dissolutions. In line with the state's code, only authorized persons may receive certified copies of a report. Proof of relationship is often required. Applicants may be restricted from obtaining certified records depending on their eligibility.

How to Find Divorce Information

Interested parties can obtain copies of a divorce decree issued in Anchorage by contacting the Anchorage clerk of the court located at 825 W 4th Ave, Anchorage AK 99501-2004. Completed request forms must include the requester's name, contact details as well as the case name and case number for the requested record. Applications without a case number will incur an hourly research fee. The Clerk's office opens between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. till noon on Fridays.

Requesters can also find basic information on divorce cases, such as the case number and court location, by searching trial court cases. This platform will require that requesters have either the name of the spouses at the time of the divorce or a case number.

Finding Birth and Death Records

The Alaska Division of Public Health serves as the central repository for birth and death records of events in Anchorage and other parts of the state.

Who Can Obtain A Birth Record

Access to birth records is limited to only registrants and related family members, including parents and legal guardians. Third party requests must include a notarized letter stating the requester's relationship to the individual on record. Requests must also be made with a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver's license, passport or military ID.

Who may Obtain a Death Record

Death records may only be released to a spouse (married in Alaska), parent(s), children, siblings, legal guardian or a legal representative. Requesters will be expected to proof of their eligibility. Applicants must also provide a valid copy of a government-issued photo ID.

How to Obtain Birth and Death Records

To request for birth/death records by mail, applicants must send a completed request form to the:

Alaska Vital Records Office
P.O. Box 110675
Juneau, AK 99811-0675

Walk-in requests for birth or death records can be made at the:

Bureau of Vital Statistics
3601 C Street, Suite 128
Anchorage, AK 99503

The office charges $30.00 for a certified copy of a birth and death certificate and $25.00 for each additional copy. Requests made by mail typically take an average of 4 to 6 weeks to process. Processing times may be higher, depending on the volume.